Inbound Link Advice from Google Staff writer

If you want links, Google says to make your site interesting

Google’s Maile Ohye presented at Google’s Link Week with a tutorial on inbound links. She talked about what SEO experts such as myself, have all been been saying for years and that is “Your content and inbound links are most important, and in that order”.

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Online Ad Spend Shocks the Traditionalists

In a report by the Australian Financial Review on 11 August 2008, Neil Shoebridge talks about the surprising trends (to some anyhow) within the On-line Ad Marketing industry of Australia.

A report was compiled for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) by PricewaterhouseCoopers which showed the online Ad market jumped 28.7% to $797M for the first half of 2008. This sector may have slowed in growth overall this year but remains the fastest growing part of the $12B media Ad market (yes that is Billion in Australia alone).  In comparison, the free-to-air TV Ad market only increased by 0.7%. Many Ad executives had only predicted 15 to 20% increase for the 2008 calendar year. Some online executives see the future as being brighter with as much as 30% predicted increases. Continue reading

Revealed – the online trends of Australia’s Top 50 Entrepreneurial Companies

Australia’s leading business electronic magazine SmartCompany analyses what set the different companies in its list of SMART50 entrepreneurial companies for 2008. It was found that not all companies were being so smart however it was found that the chasm between those who were being smart and making AUS$100 million in online revenue as opposed to those who were not being smart and making no revenue was getting wider.

It was discovered that 13 trends set these two groups apart. You can read the full article here

The short answer is in the following list

  1. Become a thought leader
  2. Go global
  3. Get found on Google
  4. Educate your stakeholders
  5. Email marketing
  6. Let the customers customise the offering
  7. Create a sticky site & Information hub
  8. Use design to stand out
  9. Create a great customer experience
  10. The online strategy is the business strategy
  11. Go green
  12. Build communities

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Maintaining an Effective Optimised Web Site for Your Business

In order to attract and continue attracting the right sort of visitors to your web site you need to ensure that it is effective in its delivery of information and functionality. If there is no value to your VISITORS then they will not return and to have them return is what you want. You also need to ensure that they take some form of action that leads to business opportunities for you. Continue reading

Social Media As Opposed to Shaping Thinkers

In most markets worth being in and with most sustainable business enterprise models, sales is not a single event, but a process. You firstly need to create awareness, then from that base, build trust, and only then finally make the sale. Do all 3 happen at one time for some people? Sure, but probably not for the bulk of customers. Continue reading

The more interesting points to come out of 10 Site Audits

A number of business owners sought assistance in determining just how well designed their websites really were and why they failed to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Though not an exhaustive list this does show up the more common shortcoming in many of the sites reviewed and are common problems with many websites. Continue reading

How Effective is a Box of Brochures Sitting in Your Car Boot ?

I don’t know about you but if I went out and spent $5000 plus on printing up several thousand quality promotion or product information brochures that I then placed in the boot or back seat of my car to be handed out to people a few at a time when I called in on them or met them at some networking function then I would say that I had made a big mistake. Continue reading